Episode 16 – The Third Sibling

Hey guys! This week we are super happy to be joined by our third sibling – Chase. We’ve had a lot of people reach out when we share pictures with him wondering who he is exactly (because he lives a much more private life then us). Tune in and get to know the final Charlesworth sibling!


This week we are finally addressing the elephant in the room… Duke’s shopping addiction! Tune in and tell us if you agree with Kaestle or with Duke.

Episode 14 – Everything Mexico

This week Kaestle and Duke share their favorite places and stories about times they have spent in Mexico. Including Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Cabo, Cancun & Sayultia. Tune in for a travel episode.

Episode 13 – How well do we actually know each other?

This week we put our relationship to a test to see how well we actually know each other – and what differs about how we think about our childhood favorites & fears. Tune in to one of our favorite episodes yet.

Episode 12 – What its like to be on The Voice (with special guest Klea Olson)

This week on The Mode Duke and Kaestle interviewed Klea Olson – who was on this season of the hit reality TV series The Voice. Find out what it’s like to be on a reality TV show and learn more about Klea’s story and her passion.

Episode 11 – Guilty Pleasures

Yes – we’ve got them too. Those embarrassing traits… the things we find super addicting & cannot shake even if they are odd! In today’s episode Duke and Kaestle are sharing all their own guilty pleasures.

Episode 10 – Life In a Van (with special guests Compass Collective)

This week on The Mode we have two guests (Amber and Luke) who are currently traveling America in a van they converted into their full-time residence. Tune in to hear how and why they started this journey, what life is like on the road, and their advice to anyone else who would like to pick up and start an adventure like theirs.

Episode 9 – Beverly Hills

Today on The Mode Duke and Kaestle share everything about their recent trip to Beverly Hills/LA/Disney Land. Tune in to hear why you should add this to your “places to travel” list.

Episode 8 – Our Take on the Newlywed Game (with guest Zac Muir)

On this episode of The Mode we have a very special guest – Kaestle’s husband – Zac. We are testing just how well he knows Kaestle listen to how he did with the questions Duke came up with.

Episode 7 – Top Places We Could or Couldn’t Live

Today Duke and Kaestle are sharing some of the places they dream about living and some that they simply don’t think they could handle – or at least wouldn’t enjoy. See if your city is one of their dream destinations and if not tell us where we should travel next to see.