2000’s Nostalgia

Join Duke and Kaestle this week for a blast from the past as they share some of the best things from the early 2000’s – follow along with this link https://www.buzzfeed.com/blast2past/2000s-nostalgic-things-you-forgot-about

Pregnancy 101 Q&A

This week join Kaestle on a pregnancy deep dive – she shares all the most ask questions through her pregnancy and what it’s been like expecting her first child.


Early signs of pregnancy

The best and worst parts

Pregnancy Cravings

Nursery Design


Duke will be back for the next episode!

Top 5 Worst Smells, Fears & Things To Take to the Beach

This week Join Duke and Kaestle for another Top 5 episode – with three categories and five items each you might be surprised what they share!

The First Monday in May

This week Duke and Kaestle brought back a classic. The red carpet review. As it was the first Monday in May we have all their thoughts on the Met Gala looks this year. Preview all the looks on our IG @themodepodcast

Life Bombs

After a few months off from the podcast Duke and Kaestle are back with some big life changes and a lot of updates for you guys! Thanks for your patience it feels so good to be back.