Episode 4 – The World Record Egg

If you haven’t heard of the famous egg – the most liked photo on instagram – now you have. Today Duke and Kaestle are talking about the egg that’s gone viral and has more than 40 million likes on Instagram (as of Tuesday Jan 15).

Episode 3 – Must Hear Travel Stories

This week Kaestle and Duke share some of their most memorable unshared (til now) travel moments. Including international trips and those close to their homes, in Utah.

Episode 2 – New Years Resolutions

On this bonus episode Duke and Kaestle talk about their 2019 goals, past resolutions, and s.m.a.r.t. goals. Are you the type of person who makes and keeps New Years resolutions?

Episode 1 – New York City

Duke recently returned from his first trip to NYC. With the Big Apple being such a popular destination we wanted to take an episode to share his experience and compare it to the weeks Kaestle spent there while living on the East Coast.