Duke’s Florida Adventure

This week Kaestle and Duke deep dive into his move across the country – what is his usual routine, his new house and more!

The Most Haunted Houses In America

Welcome back to a special spooky episode of The Mode. Today, Duke and Kaestle are sharing the most haunted houses in America. This episode is inspired by the last show they watched – The Haunting of Hill House.

Behind the Scenes: Creating Acrosin

This week Duke and Kaestle take you through the process of creating Acrosin: The Game. IT LAUNCHES AT 12:00/noon PST time so set your timers or CLICK HERE to head there now!

WTF Europe?!

This week Duke and Kaestle deep dive into their Europe adventures from this summer sharing all their WTF// aka What’s the Favorite/Funny/Freak moments from each country/city they visited. They talk about Paris, London, Italy & much more including some funny stories from their different travels.

Back From Summer Vacation

Hello Modesters! Duke and Kaestle are back & our team has missed you, tune in to a catch-up episode about what’s been going on, talk about some new soical media, Dukes upcoming independent podcast & a little bit about Acrosin!

TikTok Trends, Depp Trial & More

Join Duke and Kaestle today for an episode about all things current – the latest trends, trial and colors that are in! We are so grateful for all of you! Thanks for tuning in.

2022 Met Gala Red Carpet Review

Join Duke and Kaestle for one of their favorite annual episodes – judging the red carpet looks for the Met Gala. Follow along with this link: https://www.nydailynews.com/snyde/ny-met-gala-2022-best-worst-looks-red-carpet-fashion-20220502-mcyfcfhgb5eutganiyyoggutsq-photogallery.html