If We Were Nine Inches…

Join Duke and Kaestle for a highly requested would you rather. Question of the day? The title is a good hint.

Also watch the Justin Bieber concert Duke talked about here: https://youtu.be/Su6kidaGW_8

Taking the Viral Personality Test

This week Duke and Kaestle decided to take the personality test that’s been spamming Tiktok lately. To take the test and see what color you are click here.

Remix Battle + Kaestle’s Terrible Travel Experience

We did it! This week Kaestle and Duke took the challenge from last week and wrote songs about the Mode Podcast. Tune in to see who’s you like better.

The Cecil Hotel

UPDATED ** A lot of Buzz is going around about the Cecil Hotel and events that have occurred there. Duke’s in the known on the latest show on it.. but who would have guessed that it’s something Kaestle’s been tracking for years?!

Highly Requested Top Five!

This week we are bringing back one of your favorite types of episodes – Duke and Kaestle top 5! This time we are ranking door dash locations, recent movies, and current songs.

Live Concert for The Modesters

Join Duke and Kaestle for the first (and potentially only) episode featuring both of them sining! Up front we want to apologize for the shortened episode – Twix is sick and needed Kaestle’s attention while they recorded.